by Helma Clark

January 2003
ISBN: 0-9702793-3-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Jersten Press
Mass Market Paperback

Although legal whiz Susan Stone has come a long way from her troubled past, she has never quite been able to escape the horrible memories of being a prostitute’s daughter. She finds solace as a workaholic and occasionally, temporary peace with her few friends.

Everything Susan believes she knows and feels changes when she encounters a blast from her past, successful capitalist Jason Slater. Unfortunately, Jason has his own opinions about Susan, and they aren’t so good. But when Jason becomes the primary suspect in a murder investigation, he has no choice but to lean on the one person he never thought he would be able to trust.

As Jason and Susan work together to clear Jason of murder, they find themselves caught up in a fiery romance, which unearths torrid emotions and buried secrets. If they can survive each other, they may also manage to outwit the masterminds of a conspiracy that has international complications - and save their own lives.

Appearances are definitely deceiving so don’t let the title, The Counterfeit, fool you. Helma Clark’s latest novel is the real deal – a well crafted romantic suspense novel, which will have readers gasping in surprise at the unexpected twists.

From the very first sentence of the novel when a fifth grade Susan asks her grandmother What’s a whore?, The Counterfeit leaps off at breakneck speed, and the engaging momentum of the story never lets up.

Susan and Jason are a scorching, hot couple, and Clark details their lives to perfection. The additional characters are sketched just as nicely and enhance the narrative with their distinctive personalities.

The Counterfeit does not disappoint. It is pure reading enjoyment.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Natasha.

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