by Helma Clark

May 2002
ISBN: 0-970-27931-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Jersten Press
Mass Market Paperback

Falconer Construction has recently began losing money. Its managing partner, former pro football star Drake Falconer, is looking forward to working with the companyís new partner, Sam Sherill, who has money to invest as well as much needed accounting skills. Unfortunately, Sam is short for Samantha, and she happens to be the one woman who drives Drake bonkers at the office, on the field where he coaches her sonís baseball team, and constantly in his thoughts.

The companyís money loss is more than just lousy accounting though. Someone is out to destroy Drake Falconer and by any means necessary, including murder.

To stop a cold blooded killer and unite two stubborn hearts is going to take a lot more than just everyday effort; itís going to take the big game.

Cleverly written and packed with engaging characters, The Big Game is a winning touchdown. With this fast paced, romantic suspense novel, Helma Clark calls her own shots, and they are perfectly on the mark. The characters are sketched to perfection and the dialogue manages the arduous task of being witty yet moving and effective.

Clarkís insightful perspective on life as one big game is enlightening and provoking. In the novel, the author mentions that the best way to win a game is to have a great team, and in similar fashion - a great life involves surrounding oneself with a wonderful set of family and friends. The best way to enjoy a romance novel? Read a fantastic one. Score huge with The Big Game.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Natasha.

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