by Marissa St. James

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58873-244-4
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In a time where women are supposed to be seen but not heard, Lady Ellen of Ravencliff is allowed to choose her own husband. Her choice is none other than her childhood friend, a Scottish man, David Ross, who was once held hostage by her father for ransom. David returns Ellenís affections, but quickly after their marriage, a threat is made upon Ellenís life. To save her, David must send her away and risk the destruction of their love.

After Ellen returns home, David and Ellenís brother, Gordon, are attacked by Nicholas, the Earl of Fair Haven, who believes Ellen should be his bride. After the struggle, David and Gordon are presumed dead, and Ellen is given the title of widow. To ensure the legacy of Ravencliff continues, King John commands Ellen to marry Nicholas. Although Ellen is strongly opposed, she dares not disobey her king. Ellenís future is dark because Nicholas has never forgiven the willful woman who chose another.

Only one thing can save Ellen from her terrible fate Ė the return of the man who has always held her heart.

To Every Love There Is A Season relates the story of a love which prevails despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Though the tale begins smoothly with attractive, convincing characters and with exceptional setting descriptions, the writing, impeded by the authorís method of revealing the charactersí thoughts, becomes tedious after a few chapters and causes the novel to seem even longer than it actually is.

Often times, the characters performed senseless actions, and this made the reading difficult. Although the author tried to make all the puzzle pieces fit, I was still perplexed somewhat at the end of the novel.

The dynamic characters, especially the spirited Ellen, gave life to the narrative, but it wasnít enough to earn this historical romance a place in my heart.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Natasha.

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