by Karin Huxman

February 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-348-1
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The Commitment is a story full of misunderstands, mischief and a bit of revenge, just to name a few things. Well, revenge is how it all started when Drake decided to take Miranda to Vegas for the weekend then get her drunk and have a wedding. Making her believe they are now married isnít that hard when she doesnít remember much of the night before and he has a photo and a marriage certificate.

Miranda canít believe this happened to her. She was dumped by her fiancť and then she becomes married to Drake, he ex-brother-in-law and boss all in the span of a few days. Miranda is attracted to Drake, that is undeniable. Trying to hide the attraction is not an easy feat to do.

Drake decides that using Miranda as his wife will help him find out what has been happening to the stock in his company. It seems as if there is someone on the inside that is leaking information about what they are working on and their competitors are hovering like sharks, especially one in particular. So this sets into motion a lot of interesting things, including the marriage, and a few other things that appear to be dishonest but really are meant to help.

Drake and Miranda are, in my opinion, well suited for one another. The chemistry is there and even though they donít want to act on it, they do eventually. And it is a test of wills as to who has the last say in things and how things progress. The Commitment is just that - a commitment between Drake and Miranda to their marriage and their jobs. It is fascinating to see just how Drake brings the news to Miranda about their marriage and if she will stay with him after everything that has happened. There are secondary characters in the story that have to be there for it to progress and one or two of them are interesting. Ms. Huxman doesnít bring in any other character or element that doesnít need to be in the story and for that I am grateful. The story flowed smoothly and is one that will hold you captivated until the end.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Pam.

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