by Lucinda Brant

March 2004
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Lucinda Brant is a fairly new author who brings us romance with Victorian flair.

The Midnight Marriage concerns the Duke's heir, Julian, Marquis of Alston and Deborah Cavendish who are married off as children at midnight then forever parted.

Nine years later, Julian returns incognito to claim his bride, but Deborah has no recollection that the wedding ever took place.

Will Deborah ever forgive her husbandís cruel deception? Can their marriage survive beyond seduction? The fate of the Roxton Dukedom is in Deborahís handsÖ

This is a very well written story that keeps the readerís attention glued to the computer screen. The secondary characters are very important to the story and should and will be honored with their own stories in the future. Julian and Deborah are perfect for each other. Even though they were brought together in very strenuous circumstances, they soon learn to make the best of their situation and learn to love and trust each other, but they have to weather many obstacles along the way.

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Brantís work, she is definitely an author to be on the lookout for in the not to distant future.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Debbie.

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