by J. D. Robb

January 2004
ISBN: 0-399-15154-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Once again NYPSD Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas must stand for the silent, the dead, in her tireless endeavor to obtain justice. This time Eve is called to the scene of a double homicide not by the dispatcher but by her Irish billionaire husband, Roarke. He comes to Eve for help when a trusted employee, and dear friend, is the suspect in a double homicide.

Reva Ewing, a former Secret Service agent who now works for a division of Roarke Enterprises, is found at the scene of the crime practically standing over the bodies of her husband Blair Bissel and her best friend. But that isnít the strangest thing. All of Bisselís files were deliberately corrupted by a computer virus. As far as Roarke is concerned itís the computer attack that is the real threat. Securecom, a division of Roarke Enterprises in under an ultra secure government contract to create a program to shield against techno-terrorists. Reva Ewing is a part of the team working on it. Eve must stop a deadly new breed of hackers who are willing to kill to protect themselves and their agenda. She has to shut them down before it is too late.

Twists and turns and shocking revelations abound in this latest book in J.D. Robbís in Death series. Divided in Death is the first book in this series to be offered in this new format. The dramatic lives of Eve and Roarke are always an entertaining read and this book does its predecessors proud. It is truly a pleasure to spend time with these amazing characters.


Reviewed in December 2003 by Cynthia.

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