by MaryJanice Davidson, Michele R. Bradsley, Chris Tanglen

October 2003
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A blind werewolf, a cursed Egyptian prince and a man trying to make up for his mistakes are a few of the things you will find in the three stories that make up Lighthearted Lust: Three Not So Serious Tales.

There's No Such Thing As A Werewolf by MaryJanice Davidson, is an interesting twist on the werewolf theme. Drake Dragon- yes, that is his real name-is a werewolf. He also happens to be blind which makes life interesting for him. He can navigate through his world just fine with out needing to see. Crescent Muhn is homeless. She also insists that she can fly. Their relationship becomes complicated when another werewolf and a vampire show up.

A blind werewolf isn't an usual character in the paranormal genre. Of course, he does have an advantage over normal blind humans because he has other strengths. MaryJanice Davidson creates convincing characters in Drake and Crescent.

The Lust Bastion by Michele R. Bardsley, has a curse, a gorgeous Egyptian prince and a magical vibrator. Smenkare is an Egyptian prince who angered Bast, a goddess back in the times of the Pharohs. To punish him, she cursed him. He is confined to a vibrator. When the woman says the incantation, he appears. Smenkare is to be her sex slave for thirty days. Kira is tired of being used just for sex. She wants a relationship to last longer than a minute. When Smenkare comes into her life, she knows that she has found the man she can love. But there is still Bast to deal with. Has Smenkare learned his lesson about love and selfishness? Will Bast release him from his curse?

Bardsley does a good job showing the changes that Smenkare goes through to find a way to lift the curse. Kira grows as well. She comes to understand that she doesn't have to accept one night stands and that she isn't lousy in relationships.

Drenched With Affection by Chris Tanglen, is the third of our not so serious tales. Meloday Talawy and Tim Neffster are both recovering from relationships that went bad. They are inattentive and selfish. Swearing never to allow that to happen again, they search for love again. As their relationship with each other heats up, they try to find ways to express their devotion. Each adventure is more impressive and more of a disaster then the one before. Add in returning ex-lovers and a few stalkers, the story turns into a farce. By the end of the story, the reader is reminded that sometimes just loving each other is enough.

Tanglen's humor and his characters inventiveness is over the top. You can't help but groan and shake your head as you see disaster loom around the corner with each new stunt they pull.

Laughter isn't far away with this anthology. Not taking themselves seriously, the authors have provided stories that will offer light entertainment for readers.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Jenni.