by Virginia Farmer

September 2003
ISBN: 0-505-52560-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Nelwina Honeycutt is humilated. She is being taken to the auction block to be sold in a 'bride sale'. Her drunken husband is tired of her disobeying him and he wants to get rid of her. Nel wishes to be far away from the town and the auction. She doesn't even hope to be able to better her life.

Adam Warrick is participating in a 're-enactment' of a eighteenth century bride sale. He is to purchase the bride for a pound. Though he has troubles of his own, he's willing to join in. When the woman he purchases hits her head and becomes confused, he feels that he should take care of her until she is all right. So he takes her home to Spenceworth Manor.

Nel is in trouble. Suddenly, she has a brand new body and clothes. The world that she finds herself in isn't familiar. Not even Spenceworth, where she spent her childhood, looks the same. The man who has purchased her doesn't take the auction seriously. Nel isn't sure what to do except learn to live in this world until she can make it back to her own. As time goes by, Nel isn't sure that she wants to return if it means that she has to leave Adam behind.

One of the questions asked about time travel is how well would the person adapt to the world they find themselves in. Nel's character adapts rather well, considering she has no former knowledge of the world she soons finds herself in. It is the characters that give the story its charm. Nelwina is a strong independent woman, even while she's trying to fit into her new world. Adam's willingness to love Nel, even though he's concerned about her mental status, is heartwarming. Even Adam's mother, Sophia, displays her own set of charmingly unusual beliefs.

For a charming and touching story about learning to find one's own special place in the world and in the hearts of our loved ones, Spenceworth Bride is the book for you.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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