by Lynsay Sands

January 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52553-4
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Mass Market Paperback

We've already met the intriguing Argeneau family in Single White Vampire we watched Lucern and Kate fall in love. In her latest book, Love Bites , Lynsay Sands takes us back in time to the suspenseful meeting between Rachel Garrett and Etienne Argeneau, whom we have already met before.

Rachel Garrett is a corner at the hospital. She works the night shift and longs for the day when she won't have to be up at midnight, working on dead bodies. One night, she has a delivery. A man has been shot and killed. Since it is murder, she knows that the autopsy is top priority. The problem is that she's sick. Believing that her sickness is causing her to hallucinate, she watches the dead man sit up and talk to her. When she wakes up, there's no body and no one remembers bringing one to her.

Etienne Argeneau is being stalked by an unstable man who wants to kill him for being a vampire. He's been hit by a car and shot. This time though is the last straw. His car has been blown up and he's on his way to the morgue once more. Only this time, the bad guy has followed them to finish Etienne off. Rachel discovers that the dead guy might not be dead and tries to save him. In the struggle, she is wounded.

When she recovers, Rachel finds out things aren't the same. She has to make some adjustments to her diet. Working the night shift won't be nearly as hard now. She's falling in love with the man who saved her. Etienne also finds that he has to adjust. He has to put an end to the murder attempts. He has to teach Rachel how to accept her new life. He has to convince her that he is the man of her dreams.

Lynsay Sands has written a wonderfully funny and emotional book about vampires. It takes a slightly more serious view, but still there are moments that will have the reader laughing out loud. Watching Rachel come to terms with the changes that were made in her life makes the reader connect with her and her confusion. Etienne, for all that he is over four hundred years old, still needs to learn how to love and find happiness in his world. The story flows nicely. We get to meet the rest of Etienne's family whom we are familiar with from the first book. While I thought that telling a story that we already know the ending to was an interesting development, it works for this book.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, curl up by the fire and take a trip to Toronto with the Argeneau vampires. I promise you're in for a treat.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Jenni.

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