by Katie MacAlister

March 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52554-2
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Mass Market Paperback

When a nine hundred year old vampire and a summoner with a chip on her shoulder get together, anything can and will happen. Join Christian and Allegra in a wild romp around London in Sex and the Single Vampire , the second in Katie MacAlisterís humorous vampire series.

Allegra Telford has already lived through hell on earth. She knows what itís like to despair. She understands how one can lose their identity at the whim of another. She has sworn to never let that happen again. Sheís claimed her life back. Now, sheís in London to prove to her boss that she really can summon ghosts. But what she gets is a whole lot scary and much more satisfying.

Christian has been searching for his Beloved for centuries. Heís a Dark One, a vampire, and the only way he can be redeemed is by finding the woman who was meant for him. Unfortunately, his last Beloved didnít want him. So now, heís on the lookout for another.

Allegra and Christian clash from the moment they meet. Christian knows that this brash young American canít be his soul mate. Allegra doesnít want another man to rule her life, even if he happens to be the sexiest man she has ever seen. But there are forces at work that neither one can see that will test these two, forcing them to trust and believe in each other.

An entertaining romp with serious undertones, Sex and the Single Vampire has all of MacAlisterís trademark humor, but she deals with the aftereffects of abuse subtly. Watching Allegra learn to trust Christian is like watching a baby take itís first steps. Sheís tentative, but wanting and needing him to catch her. Christian is a sexy vampire who longs to love. In Allegra, he seems to have found a woman who is strong enough to argue and love him. Some characters from her first vampire book, A Girlís Guide To Vampires are great secondary characters in this story.

Grab Sex and the Single Vampire and be prepared to laugh out loud at the sexy vampire and the prickly summoner as they overcome every obstacle to their finding true love along with a few ghosts.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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