by Kathryn Anne Dubois, Mlyn Hurn, Lora Leigh

October 2003
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Elemental Desires tells the story of three extraordinarily powerful sisters who have inherited a broken world. In this world psychic abilities are viewed with a great deal of suspicion and hatred; it is a fight just to exist. Isolated from each other, they will build new lives in the ruins of a once prosperous nation striving to rebuild.

In Wynd Temptress by Kathryn Anne Dubois, Jezermiah is a descendant of the most brutal tyrannical psychic ruler in history. A powerful psychic in her own right, Jezermiah wants nothing to do with her great grandfather’s legacy. She will do anything to keep the powers and her real identity secret but the new government knows she is in Alaska and sends in sexy psychic cop, Adam Wynder to ascertain her intentions towards the new government. However, Adam has his own motives for seeking Jess out and securing her for he beliefs they are meant to be together. He just has to convince Jezermiah of that. This one reminds me of an episode of Moonlighting with Cybil Sheppard and Bruce Willis. These characters remind me of all my favorite episodes. You know the ones where you swear the whole time the heroine is insulting the hero she wants to jump his bones and ride him. This little morsel is a truly entertaining read.

Life isn’t easy for Rayne Waters in Rayne Dance by Mlyn Hurn. She’s lived a hermit like existence in a small farming community ever since she and her sisters left their home. Hiding the extent of her psychic powers has become more and more difficult especially with the countryside in the grips of a drought. As if her life weren’t interesting enough sexual tension and danger enter her life with her sexy new neighbor. Sean appears to be a simple rancher but there is more than meets the eye to Rayne’s attractive neighbor. A sweetly sensual read filled with intriguing characters that make you beg for a longer look at their lives.

In Fyrebrand by Lora Leigh, Carmella learns that it will take more than her will to control the potentially destructive powers inside of her. She has the ability to manipulate one of the most powerful natural forces on earth – fire. To keep her fluctuating gifts in check, Carmella will have to accept the help of her leader Torren and the tantalizing stranger he sends to her. Together the two men will teach Carmella the pleasures to be found in relinquishing control to another. Another well written titillating read from Ms. Leigh. She delivers her trademark strong-willed men and women who share a deep fiery - pun intended - sensual passion. This one is definitely for the more adventurous at heart.


Reviewed in December 2003 by Cynthia.