by Jaid Black

April 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19526-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Every reader interested in hot and steamy romances should be familiar with the talented and prolific romantica author, Jaid Black and her books. For those who donít, One Dark Night will be a surprising treat. Others having eagerly awaited the release wonít be disappointed. Itís not an Elloraís Cave release though, itís a mass paperback release from Berkley. One Dark Night is dark, intense, edgy and very sexy.

Dr. Nikki Adenike is an accomplished surgeon in control of life and death. She is intelligent, respected and she is lonely. She indulges in ebooks depicting her innermost secret fantasies and goes even further. Surfing the Internet, answering adds of likeminded men. Dominant males to her submissive female. Seduced by the possibility of living out her deepest fantasies she agrees to meet her online confidant and possibly the man of her dreams. However instead of meeting her lover, Nikki encounters Lucifer.

Detective Thomas Cavannah is obsessed with bringing down Lucifer. A serial killer targeting successful professional women. Women trust Lucifer and he in return walks away with their hearts. When Nikkiís narrow escape leads her straight into his arms, Thomas learns about her secret life. Already intensely attracted to her he allows himself to dream up scenarios worthy of Nikkiís erotic ebooks and revealing emails. No wonder then, that when assigned to the task of protecting her life Thomas doesnít wait long before cuffing, spanking and dominating her.

One Dark Night reveals sexual fantasies that some readers might find disturbing. However, Jaid Black is well informed and leads her characters only in situations of mutual consent and trust. The characters learn to trust not just their partner but also themselves, and so their growth is always believable and always satisfying. And although the storyís many twists and false leads didnít distract me from spotting the killer, the trust and the resulting freedom to express their true selves and to fall in love kept me turning the pages. That and some very intriguing secondary characters that I canít wait to read more about.

The longer format and the new publisher, and Iím sure the help of a very good and enthusiastic editor, changed Jaid Blackís voice in a way that is more polished and definitely less edgy. Her fans need not worry though. There is still enough heatĖmore than Iím used to from a major publishing house releaseĖto burn up the pages.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kris Alice.

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