by Susan Sizemore

ISBN: 0-7434-6742-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Alec Reynard is living on the edge. The world around him holds danger for his kind. But more than the world, the biggest danger is from inside his soul. It is threatening to take him over and turn him into a monster. He takes treatments that allow him to live a relatively normal life in the daylight and stave off the monster within. Now is not the time for Alec, to find his soulmate in fellow bodyguard, Domini Lancer.

Domini knows that there is something different about Alec. She fights her attraction to him with every breath. Her psychic abilities have been causing her trouble lately. Also, she is being stalked by a group of fanatics who consider her evil. She is unwilling to give up the control that she has worked so hard to build.

When his life is threatened, Alec is forced to take her to his clan's fortress. All secrets are revealed there and Alec can no longer hide the truth. Now, Domini must decide what her decision will be. Allowing herself to be taken into Alec's world and become his salvation or run away. Or is she playing a deadly game with him, trying to get into the inner circle to kill him?

Susan Sizemore has made a legion of fans with her fantasy series, Laws of the Blood, and her historical romances. Now she turns her eyes to the genre of vampire romance with a great start in I Burn For You. It's a compelling story of a man who is trying to change his very nature to be able to protect those he's sworn to help. It's about a woman learning about her past. A woman who tries to accept the love she has for Alec, and the loyalty she feels for her family. Mostly it's a tale of two people trying to learn to love each other in the chaotic world that they live in.

Curl up and enjoy this dark tale of love and fate. When you close the book and wish that it hadn't ended, remember that this is the first in a great new series.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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