by Sherrilyn Kenyon

February 2002
ISBN: 0-312-97997-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Imagine if you will that you are trapped inside a book for the past two thousand years. This has been the life of Julian of Macedon - he has been cursed to live in the book for eternity. He is released when women who possess the book summon him. When released, he acts as the woman's love-slave for a month before he returns to the book to await the next summons.

Grace Alexander is a sex therapist who has sexual hang-ups of her own. Her one experience with a man was with a clod who cared nothing for her feelings and everything for his own. Worse, he used her as part of a bet. Grace can't bring herself to trust another man.

Selena, Grace's eccentric friend, thinks she needs to get laid and learn to relax. It's Grace's 29th birthday and Selena gives Grace Julian's book as a joke. Selena convinces Grace to say the words that would summon the love-slave from the book... but nothing happens. Well, Grace thought, it was all in fun. However, before the night is over a naked man stands ready for action in Grace's living room.

Grace has no intention of using Julian the way she was once used. He can stay for the month but it won't be in her bed. She will let him experience the world outside the bedroom. Julian has never met a woman who would say no to the sexual pleasure that he can provide. This is something very new for him. What kinds of experiences will the month have in store for these two? Is there some way that Julian's curse can be broken and he can be released from the book to find true love? I'm not telling 0 you will have to buy the book!

With Fantasy Lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon has set a new standard in romantic fiction. This book is very different from anything I have read in quite a while. Ms. Kenyon has taken myth and legend and thrown in humor and compassion and created a story of remarkable depth and one that won't soon be forgotten.

With Grace and Julian, she has created characters that are sure to become reader favorites. She has also created secondary characters in this book that beg to have their own stories told. Greek gods and goddesses are used as characters in this book as well as ordinary people like Grace's friends Selena and Sunshine. One can't help but wonder which of these characters will appear in the upcoming Dark Hunters books, for which Fantasy Lover is a prequel.

With Fantasy Lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon has paved the way for her Dark Hunter series books to become THE series to read in 2002! She has launched a series that will make her a household name for romance readers worldwide. Don't walk - run to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of Fantasy Lover and let your journey begin.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Barbara.

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