by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

October 2003
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Aimee has been working for two years for the shelter outreach program, but none of the people she has been helping has ever caught her attention as much as the one whom she calls “the phantom”. For months, she has seen him from a distance, but he refuses her attempts to make contact. One night, as Aimee returns home, she is mugged, but a stranger saves her. She finds herself back at home, safe, despite the fact that her purse was stolen from her. Determined to find some answers, she returns to the place where she was attacked. Soon she faces “the phantom” and his secret.

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime`s A Darker Passion is what I consider a beautifully written short story. I can barely believe that it is roughly 21 pages long...the atmosphere in this book is simply stunning. I am still in awe at how masterfully Ms. Bedwell-Grime put together such a sensuously romantic fairy-tale like short story, with matching characters that I fell in love with...and who could resist main characters with names such as Aimee and Tristan. This short story will certainly appeal to all romance lovers irrespective of category preferences. I consider A Darker Passion a romance must read and it belongs in my “keeper” shelf.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Mireya.

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