by Angela Verdenius

November 2003
ISBN: 1-59088-182-6
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Katina has only lived for one person. She has spied and stolen things to keep him alive. But what her master wants her to do next is unthinkable. How could she ever kill someone? Especially someone she has never met.

Kiile, of Argon has been wondering who wants him dead. He never knows when someone will try to kill him. At his birthday party, the troupe of dancing girls donít even catch his eye. Until a curvy little woman come out of the middle and dances her way to his table. The next thing he knows, she tries to cut his throat.

Keeping her mouth shut, Katina canít afford to tell Kiile who sent her. There is someone elseís life at stake. Kiile vows to use all of his seductive power to get the information from the pretty woman. Little do they know that they would both lose their hearts in their battle of wills.

A universe filled with interesting characters makes for a good backdrop in this story. Katinaís personality is well developed. Her reasons for doing what she does are understandable. Kiile is less developed. We arenít given quite as much information with him. The story slows down in the middle while the main characters try to win their battle of wills. At times, Katina seems a little too smart mouthed. She comes across a lot harder and not as sympathetic as she should.

Loveís Sweet Assassin is a hot, steamy visit to other worlds. Pull up a chair, take a quick trip to Argon and watch the sharp wit that flashes between Kiile and Katina.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jenni.

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