by Jessica Benson

January 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-6386-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Nothing is better than discovering a new voice, being surprised by a storyís beauty and being touched by its characters and their journey. What a wonderful way of starting a new year. Jessica Benson provided me with that pleasure in penning a story about a woman learning to find her own strengths with the help of an unlikely friend.

Only ever prepared for married life Gwendolyn doesnít balk when itís time to tie the knot with her indented, her childhood friend Lord Bertie. Expecting a pleasant but unexciting union she is in for a surprise. A single kiss, a tender embrace leads to an unexpected desire for her new husband. All would be just perfect where he not the wrong man. He is none other than Lord Bertieís older brother Harry, future Earl of Cambourne.

With the people close to her obviously plotting against her own wishes itís up to her to decide whom to trust and how to speak her own mind. All the while she is trying not to succumb to the wrong husbandís daring nature, the glitter in his eye and the seductive pull of his lips.

Cambourne is obviously quite happy being married to Gwen and does his utmost to convince her of her good fortune. And he does a good job, being so very sexy and seductive. Itís not just his dangerous looks, but also his tender and romantic gestures that slowly win her over.

Told in Gwenís own words, The Accidental Duchess takes its time to fully introduce its characters and all their intentions. Observed with a keen eye they never fail to be a source of amusement and entertainment. Every page reveals further facets and delicious tidbits, allowing for an insight in Gwenís private thoughts and feelings about each of them. May it be her two best friends, her protective brothers, her meddling parents or her wrong husband.

The Accidental Duchess is beautiful and very sexy and I was reluctant to put down the book and leave behind its characters. The dialogue is sparkling and witty. Seducing me deeper and never letting me go. Leaving me in hot flushes in anticipation of things to come and glowing from a wonderful ending for Gwen and Cambourne and their story of love and romance.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Kris Alice.

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