by Kathryn Shay, Fiona Kelly, Vivian Leiber, Lynn Emery

November 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19175-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Five women, four stories and one internet greeting card company makes up The Lipstick Chronicles Book 1.

In Men at Work by Kathryn Shay, hard-nosed CEO, Elyssa Wentworth, finds out what itís like to give control. Her company needs an infusion of cash and as such she meets with Joe Monteigne, a venture capitalist. As he works to bring her company closer to success, Joe is also working to bring Elyssa closer to him.

In By a Nose by Fiona Kelly, spoiled, free-spirited, Robyn Barrett learns that itís what is on the inside that counts when she meets Steve Rood, a pianist at a local night club. They quickly learn a lot about each other, but a misunderstanding and an accident will change their lives.

In Landslide by Vivian Leiber, divorced sales representative, Carol Titus meets Mitch Evans on an airplane. After spending hours talking she agrees to go on a date with this younger man. Will they be able to get past an age difference and his political aspirations?

In Tumbling Down by Lynn Emery, Alix Harris has just found out that her life long boyfriend it gay. Can she learn to trust Marc Preston as he tries to woo her away from her company as well as her heart?

All four of these stories deal with women who work together, find love, push love away, and find it again. The women are as completely different from each other as they can be as well as their men. These stories seemed to be more about how many times a woman can push a man away from her and still have him crawl back begging for more. While I truly did like the flow and the stories of the first three books, it was the final one that I had trouble with. It felt disjointed and didnít seem as connected with the other stories even though there was the continuance of the relationship between the five women.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Vikky.