by Janelle Denison

October 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69147-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #947
Mass Market Paperback

Kayla Thomas meets Jack Tremaine at the San Diego Chamber Of Commerce dinner where she is providing the desserts for the evening and hopefully generating new business for her bakery, Pure Indulgence. Jack is taken with Kayla upon first sight, but when his girlfriend of the evening finds him, Kayla gets the impression he is attached. Kayla feels she could never compete with the rail thin beautiful woman on Jack’s arm,and dismisses his flirtation as nothing more that - harmless teasing.

Having grown up with a beautiful model-pretty sister, Kayla is used to being considered second best. She has a woman’s figure that always seems to be about twenty pounds over the ideal weight. That’s why her last boyfriend dumped her - she wouldn’t lose those twenty pounds for him.

Jack Tremaine is the owner of a very upscale restaurant, Tremaine’s Downtown, and is getting ready to open a second restaurant, Tremaine’s Uptown. He wants to revamp his dessert menu and has asked Kayla about her bakery doing some desserts exclusively for his restaurants. Kayla thought, like the flirting, Jack wasn’t serious until she received a visit from him.

Kayla soon agrees to have some samples for Jack to try. She has also been toying with the idea of having a new candy line at her bakery featuring aphrodisiac chocolates, which she decides to try out on Jack.

Soon she has Jack literally eating out of her hand, but is it the special chocolate or Kayla herself that keeps Jack coming back for more?

Warning: Pure Indulgence will make you hungry in more ways than one. Janelle Dennison’s name on a book is a sure sign that what’s between the pages will be a hot passionate story and she does not disappoint here. With candies like Heavenly Kisses, Carmel Caresses, Love Bites and Chocolate Orgasms, you are bound to have all sorts of chocolate fantasies while reading this one.

Ms Dennison has created two memorable characters in Kayla and Jack. They are a couple you will fall in love with. Kayla is the everyday woman with the self-image insecurities that many of us are faced with. Jack is a good guy who can see beyond the outside trappings that supposedly make a woman beautiful to the person inside.

Ms Dennison has also added some memorable secondary characters in Kayla’s sister Jillian and Jack’s best friend Rich. Could it be that these two may get a story of their own in the not-too-distant future?

Kayla and Jack’s story will prove to be Pure Indulgence for the reader. Enjoy!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Barbara.

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