by Nora Roberts, J. D. Robb

September 2003
ISBN: 0-339-15106-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Laine Tavish is the owner of Remember When an antique shop in Angel’s Gap Maryland. Laine has made a home for herself in this quaint little town. She has made a success of her business and made friends with the town residents.

Laine’s long lost uncle pays her a visit and leaves her a strange message right before walking in front of a car and being killed. This sets off a series of events that will bring Laine’s real identity to light for the people in Angel’s Gap. She is Elaine O’Hara the daughter of a famous con man Jack O’Hara.

Although Elaine hasn’t seen her father in several years, insurance investigator Max Gannon suspects he may try and contact her. Jack is suspected of taking part in one of the largest diamond heists in recent history. A heist that netted the criminals 28 million in diamonds and has left one of them dead.

Max and Laine soon form a bond that is stronger than either has ever know before. How far will Laine go to protect her father? How far will Max step outside the law to insure that neither Laine nor her father get hurt?

The second part of Remember When takes us to New York City in the year 2059. The diamonds that Laine and Max sought were never fully recovered. Their granddaughter Samantha Gannon has written a book about the historic case that has become a bestseller. The book has also brought a killer out of the woodwork. When people close to Samantha Gannon begin to die Eve Dallas is called to the case. Eve soon connects the book to the deaths and with the help of Roarke sets out to catch the killer before he can reach his next victim.

In Remember When the amazing Nora Roberts has created a remarkable story combining her two writing personas. As always Ms. Roberts has created memorable characters in Laine Tavish and Max Gannon. Nora has the ability to draw the reader into her stories and make them feel as if they are a part of the action.

Part two of Remember When will give fans of the “In-Death” series by Nora’s alter ego J.D. Robb their Eve and Roarke fix until next January’s release of Divided In Death. While the book first focuses on Samantha Gannon this part of the book is really a continuation of Eve and Roarke’s story. While I feel this is a continuation of the “In-Death” books Ms. Robb does an excellent job of making the book a pleasurable read for those who may not be up to date on the series thus far.

Samantha Gannon was an interesting character and I hope that Nora might choose to use her as the main character in an upcoming book to give her her own happily ever after.

I found this book to be a very entertaining read. I did have a couple of small problems with it, which prevents me from giving it a five rating. I can’t discuss them however as they would involve spoiling the book for readers.

Remember When is a memorable reading experience and should generate both Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb even more readers. All in all Nora Roberts does not dissapoint. She is the one author who continues to astound me with her talent. I know when I pick up a book by her I am guaranteed a few hours of great story telling and memorable characters that I won't soon forget. She does deliver that once again in Remember When.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Barbara.