by E.C. Sheedy

October 2003
ISBN: 0-821-77530-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lonely, and living in her best friend's mansion that he left to her upon his passing, Hannah is about to become a prime target in the eyes of a killer. As her world begins to spin out of control, some issues from the past come back to haunt her present. Who can she trust in this wild and crazy life into which she's been thrust by her friend's death? Who should she entrust with not only her safety but her secrets and the secrets she holds of others as well?

Yates Lang, Private Detective, has been trying to help his friend Anne Chapman investigate a possible child pornography ring. But there are some facts about him that his friends don't know. There are secrets in his family web, and these secrets and entanglements are about to come spilling out. When they do, will they ruin his shot at love?

This story involved an excellent plot. Reading this book, is like sitting down with a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. You get a piece of the puzzle with each page. It's not abundantly easy to follow in the beginning because of the mystery but as you begin to get more pieces it falls into place and makes the mild confusion worth it! This is a book you won't want to set aside, as more and more clues and scenes unravel before your eyes. You remain anxious to see what the next piece of the puzzle will reveal and if any of your guesses are on target.

Hannah has been so beaten by her past and the reader really begins to care for her. She is a caring compassionate character and it's sad to see all the tragedies she has encountered in her life time. The reader really roots for the Yang relationship to be the true happy moment for her. Yates tries so hard to be a good guy and live down those notorious family ties and be his own man.

A fan of the suspense genre will not want to miss picking up a copy of Perfect Evil! The suspense is fast paced and there is certainly an intriguing mystery unfolding. Having not read anything previously by this author, EC Sheedy, I can hardly wait to see more of her work!

Reviewed in November 2003 by Katy.

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