by Michelle O`Leary

October 2003
ISBN: 1-932014-05-5
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Running from a Telepath Guild assassin, Anya Vaedrin heads for a space station at the far reaches of the galaxy. She is known as Angel because of her long white hair and beautiful voice. She is also a tel-empath which is why the Guild is hunting her. She lands on the station and asked to see Jason Salvatore, the second-in-command. Begging for sanctuary is the only way she can be free of her fear.

Jason Salvatore has always been a fan of the Angel. To have her begging for help on his station seems a strange dream come true. But he fears her power. He thinks that she only wants to humiliate him. So he antagonizes her at every meeting, fighting his attraction for her.

Unfortunately, Anya has stepped into something that she doesn’t understand. The captain of the station welcomes her with open arms. Alliances are being made and expectations are raised. Will this station be her salvation? Or, will what she finds there lead her far from reality?

Ms. O’Leary has created a magical world populated by humans and aliens alike. The space station becomes real as the characters are portrayed as believable. The story flows at a marvelous pace. Jason and Anya’s relationship matures nicely as Jason learns to overcome his fear. The secondary characters help build the story perfectly.

Angels and Ministers of Grace, is a wonderful book to curl up with and spend time visiting with strange creatures and interesting worlds.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jenni.

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