by Sherri L. King

October 2003
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As police officer Emily Lansing arrests a tall, dark...whacko...she wonders where in blazes her back up is. Shortly after she shackles him, she witnesses an extremely disturbing attack. In the darkness, she can`t really see the faces of the attackers. As the first one charges against them, a stray sliver of light illuminates the attacker`s face.

That incident changes Emily`s life forever. Obsessed, she leaves the force and starts her own crusade against those "things," until she finds herself facing once more the dark and mysterious man from that fateful night.

When the small and enticing woman arrests Edge, the attraction is undeniable, but he wants her as far away as possible from him and his duty. However, Emily is determined to be involved. The pull proves to be strong and the more he pushes back the stronger that pull becomes.

Sherri L. King`s Razor`s Edge - The Horde Wars Book 3 is, as the title suggests, the third book of the initial trilogy of the Horde wars series. But never fear, Ms. King has at least two more books related to the series in store for us. In Razor`s Edge Ms. King brings us all the intensity that we have come to expect from her stories. The book bears an action-packed plot with plenty of characters of the kick-ass variety. The love scenes, especially the first one, match the intensity and pace of the plot and almost literally burn the pages of the book. The interaction between Edge and Emily is explosive.

Razor`s Edge proves to be an excellent addition to the series. The reader could try and read this book as a stand-alone, but as part 3 of an ongoing series, it would be helpful if parts 1 and 2 were read first. There are recurrent characters and the world of the Shikars is slowly developed in each new chapter. The Horde Wars series is most definitely a must-read for lovers of paranormal erotic romance. Do not miss it.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Mireya.

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