by Denise A. Agnew, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Rosemary Laurey

October 2003
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In Winter Warriors, Denise A. Agnew, Tracy Cooper-Posey, and Rosemary Laurey bring to life three kick-butt heroines. All three work for SIA, Special Investigations Agency, and find danger, intrigue and love through their work.

In Maneater, Ms. Agnew introduces us to Agent Destiny Treymayne. Destiny is a tough talking, doesnít take any crap kinda woman. She has been on assignment after assignment and is looking forward to a quiet Christmas. That plan falls through when Controller Quinton Maybrick assigns her a new case. As if that wasnít bad enough, her partner is Mac Tudor an SIA agent whom she loathes---and at the same time is oddly and strongly attracted to him.

Destiny and Mac pose as a newly married couple to find another SIA agent who has previously infiltrated a science research facility and to try to figure out what is going on there. They are confronted by secrets and horrors that should only be found in novels and films. As they uncover what is happening, they must deal with their growing desire for each other and the possibility that they might lose their lives just as they find each other.

SIA agent Jenna MacDonald discovers secrets about herself in Ms. Cooper-Posey's Solstice Surrender, and sexy Rhys Cellyn is the man to help her unearth them. Down to earth Jenna is shaken when she discovers that she can communicate telepathically with Rhys and other various impossible feats. She cannot believe that she is one who will fulfill a prophecy, one who Rhys has waited centuries for.

Rhys revels in the embrace of the woman he has longed for, ached for, but can he convince her of her destiny, her fate? Their bonding has already begun and will be complete on the solstice. An evil force is watching, waiting to stop the two from finishing the act. Can they overcome evil? Will Jenna accept who and what she is?

In Turkish Delight, Ms. Laurey brings readers Nur Aydan, a mysterious, powerful SIA agent. She is sent to England, under the guise of a schoolteacher on sabbatical, to find out what is behind the purchase of ancient standing stones by a known terrorist affiliate. Things become even more complex when she meets Mike Proudfoot. Attraction flares immediately. Can she conceal who she is from Mike? More importantly can she conceal what she is?

Nur has had her share of heartache, resulting in a vow never to become involved emotionally with a man again, but can she fight off the attraction, the emotional pull of this man? Between that and having to stop a bunch of terrorists, Nur is one busy woman.

Winter Warriors was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Those liking strong, no nonsense heroines will love this book. All three stories were sensual and hot. My only complaint is that I would have liked a full length novel for each of the heroines. And this isnít much of a complaint, is it? More, itís my compliment to the authors. The characters pulled me in so completely that I wanted more! So I will certainly come back to these fast-paced, sensuous stories again.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jess.