by Janet Chapman

October 2003
ISBN: 0-7434-5308-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Elizabeth Hart has a full life with her career as a trauma doctor, a career that she seemed destined for since birth. Her late Grandma Bea had even said the white streak in Elizabeth's hair was the mark of the gift of being a healer. Elizabeth has not put much stock in her grandmother's assessment over the years until she has a strange and frightening experience with a severely injured patient who is miraculously healed. Elizabeth decides she needs some time away and looks to find a fresh start in a small Maine town using her nickname Libby.

In this small town, Robbie is trying to find a new wife for his dad by renting his late mother's home. His father, Michael MacBain, is a Scottish warrior who has traveled through time from the twelfth century. He and a few others have tried to make a quiet, but good life for themselves in the twenty-first century and seem to have succeeded fairly well. Michael first meets Libby when he has to rescue her from a car accident. There is an immediate attraction between them, but they both have secrets to hide and issues to deal with. Libby settles into her new home where people think she is there to open a specialty shop selling glass jewelry.

Although Wedding The Highlander is the third in a trilogy, it works very well as a stand alone. The time travel and paranormal elements are well handled and enrich a poignant, heartwarming love story. Libby is older than some typical heroines, but readers can relate to doubts she has even though she is an educated, talented woman. Michael is a great alpha male hero. He is tall, strong and tender all at once. There is nothing sexier than a Scottish brogue. Maybe that is part of the charm and why stories involving Scottish men are so popular with readers.

The secondary characters are well developed also, with the most interesting being a snowy owl who seems to be Robbie's late mother and a wizard named Daar. There is a good mix of humor and poignancy in the storyline.

Of course, this reviewer and other readers will want to go back and read the first two books in the trilogyCharming The Highlander and Loving The Highlander and then be on the lookout for Ms. Chapman's upcoming book in April 2004, The Seductive Impostor.

Roberta Austin

Reviewed in November 2003 by Roberta.

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