by Sharon Sala

May 1995
ISBN: 0-06-108198-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lucky is the third daughter of gambler Johnny Houston. Queen and Diamond have had their own books. Now it is Luckyís turn.

Lucky talks her way into Nick Chenaultís casino to get a job as a dealer and Nick is bowled over by her. Lucky guards her heart fiercely but Nick is determined to win her.

Lucky is a young woman who hates gambling but needs a job and the only thing she does well is deal. She gets embroiled into the troubles of the Chenaults.

Nick is a man who is under a death threat from an unknown enemy, this helps to win Lucky over to his side. She is as fierce in her love as she is in her determination not to trust a man.

The plotline is good and the pace is fast. There are a number of enemies in the story but none as evil as the ringleader. He makes your skin crawl!

When the passion begins it is electrifying and very satisfying to the reader. Lucky and Nick make a good couple.

My favourite secondary character was the 83-year-old former Stripper Lucille LaMont, better known as Fluffy. She changes her hair colour on an almost daily basis and cooks the most appalling food. She is still delightful and adds so much character to the story.

She must have been some girl in her heyday.

Sharon Sala builds her story to a very dramatic and unexpected climax. She is very skilful in the way she handles this managing to surprise the reader with an unexpected twist in the final chapters before reaching a happy ending!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Mary.

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