by Kay Wilde

October 2003
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All her life, Tessa Brandt has been controlled and manipulated by her Grandmother. From the moment her mother abandoned her to now, five years after Granny’s death. Tessa’s best friend, Jessica, begs Tessa to step out of her prim and proper persona and start to live a normal life. Jessica believes the best place to begin is at the big Halloween masquerade ball, where Tessa can dress up and hide her identity from everyone around.

The Phantom Lover is not a romance in the real sense of the word. There is a hero, but in all reality what he does is help Tessa to drop her “shackles” and “blindfold” and become the person she has always wanted to be. There is a twist at the end that, while predictable, was easily acceptable. I thoroughly enjoyed this short story by Kay Wilde, even if I sat wondering where Tessa would go and what she would do now. I believe that everyone will enjoy it as well!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Vikky.

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