by M. A. duBarry

January 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-936-1
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THE BLOOD RUBY is a new twist in the world of Vampyres, blending it with the fantasy world of Fae, and making it a unique story that is sure to gain more fans for Ms. duBarry.

Erotic, fast paced, laced with espionage and betrayal, this story is one of those you just can’t put down until you’ve read it all in one sitting! It’s dark, passionate, and completely enthralling, bringing the reader into a fantasy world where Vampyre and Fae must join together in order to survive.

Sun-loving Drac’olians leader, Quentin Moore, is taken prisoner after a bloody battle that leaves his family and people slaughtered. When the Blood Ruby sword shatters instead of beheading him, Quentin - albeit very unwillingly - is sent to the Fae realm of the Sidhe to fulfill his destiny. There he is reunited with the woman he’d mated with one night many years back. Stunned and broken by the loss of his beloved family and his kingdom, Quentin is not in the mood to agree to any ‘destiny’, especially one that will benefit the Sidhe realm - whom he blames for the destruction of his life.

Moon-worshipping Fae princess Lhianna Sidhe, has loved Quentin for years since their mating, knowing him as her one-and-only true soulmate. When he’s brought to her as a prisoner in her sister’s rule, Lhianna hopes that she will convince Quentin to fulfill his destiny - and love her as much as she loves him.

Mixed with betrayal and deceit, the story is a fast paced read that blends well with the erotic love story between Lhianna and Quentin. Erotica fans will love the sizzling heat this story generates! And Ms. duBarry’s new world of Fae and Vampyre is uniquely fascinating, full of ‘history’, and passionate plots. A definite recommended read to lovers of the erotica and vampire romance genres!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Kari.

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