by Julia London

February 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-6506-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Royal Highland Captain Liam Lockhart has a problem. A family heirloom that once belonged to the Scottish Lockhartís is now in the hands of the English Lockhartís. Liamís family; the Scottish Lockhartís, are in financial trouble and the only solution is to retrieve this heirloom, which could restore the family riches and save their land and holdings. But when Liam travels to London to take back the family heirloom, he meets with some difficulties. The main one; Ellen Farnsworth, the daughter of Liamís landlord in London. This is one complication that he hadnít planned on.

Ellen Farnsworth is a woman with a past and a father who has tried his utmost best to make her life a living hell. A virtual prisoner in her fatherís home, she meets Liam Lockhart. As time goes on, she and Liam get to know each other a little better; Liam confides to Ellen his purpose for coming to London. When opportunity strikes and Ellen finds it, she decides to take the heirloom for herself, as it will be the answer to her problems and she can leave her fatherís home for good.

Now what happens is this, in a nut shell: Liam finds heirloom, Ellen takes heirloom, Ellen sells heirloom for 500 pounds, and plus she sold his kilt, a definite no-no, Liam realizes what she did, gets himself Ďunboundí and goes in search for the woman who betrayed him.

This has got to be Ms. Londonís best historical yet. What a blast!!! There is plenty of fun, action and sex! Throw in an adorable little girl, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a very vivid imagination and you have the makings of a best seller. Ellen makes Liam totally flustered and Ďdiscombobulatedí. Liam is strong, sweet and very loyal. The family heirloom is an added bonus to the story that can't be missed.

Ms. London has another winner on her hands.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Debbie.

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