by Samantha Winston, Patrice Michelle, Annie Windsor

October 2003
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Le Mystere by Samantha Winston

Strange things happen in the Louisiana swamps and its was Lukeís job as a ranger for the Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife, to make sure its safe. When he comes upon a mysterious woman who seems to be looking for something, he is puzzled, yet drawn to her. When she asks for his help, he doesnít hesitate. But things are not always what they seem.

A mysterious amnesiac woman, a ma'mbo, voodoo priestess, ghosts and past scandals make Le Mystere a haunting tale of passion and intrigue.

Embrace the Moon by Patrice Michelle

Rafael Delacroix was content with his life. He had his art, his home and his solitude. What he did not need was a mate or so he thought. Being half-werewolf and half-vampire can definitely cause some problems. When he picks up the scent of a mysterious woman, he tries to ignore the desire he feels. A promise to a spirit is about to change his solitary life forever.

Roxanne was being chased. She finds evidence that her bossís son is skimming, she steals the ledgers and is now on the run for her life until she can get the proof of her innocence. A chase through the swamps causes her to lose her favorite shoes and brings her up close and personal with a spirit with an attitude.

When Rafe and Roxanne cross paths and join forces, the fur flies and the temperature rises. Hot, sexy and fun, Embrace the Moon will make you sit up and howl.

Malediction by Annie Windsor

Chancellor (Chank) Arceneaux is a trackyr. He has always had the ability to sense the true nature of anyone he wanted. Everyone except FBI agent and profiler, Kiri Auckland. She is the only person who he cannot read. When his family was murdered, he was saved by Mama Rubie, voodoo priestess. As far as he knows he is the only one of his kind left.

Kiri has always been different. She has always been able to get into the heads of serial killers, the predators of the world. That is what has made her the youngest and the most successful profiler in the FBI. But it has also made her realize just how different and alone she really is. What she doesnít know is the truth about her heritage. Kiri is a huntyr, mortal enemies of the trackyrs.

When Chank and Kiri meet, the sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. Each has been attracted to other from the beginning, but for their own reasons they have each refused to act on the attraction.

When a case involving a serial killer involves both of them, they are unprepared for the revelations to come.

Come in and set a spell. And join three couples as they battle supernatural forces during some hot Cajun Nights.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Carolyn.