by Sahara Kelly

October 2003
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The Glass Stripper by Sahara Kelly is a unique and exciting erotic tale centering around a young woman, Syndea Ellerby, who attempts to fulfill a promise to her dead father by helping provide for her evil stepmother, Violet, and her two dimwitted stepsisters, Iris and Pansy. Being incapable of much else, Violet, Iris, and Pansy are copartners in The Glass Stripper, a private bondage club. Syndea, although not really into bondage, is a silent partner who watches the company’s bottom line, always struggling to make sure the finances are in order.

When business is very bad, and The Glass Stripper is standing on its last heel, a fairy figure appears. It is someone known only as YFG, a person who seems to know more about Syndea than Syndea knows about herself. As she gives way to the desire she feels for charismatic Luke Charmanti, the CEO of Gala Investments, Syndea discovers the true depths of her own passions.

Though I loved the premise of The Glass Stripper, I found the reading to be somewhat disappointing. Despite the nicely executed background descriptions and the appealing characters, the story did not flow well, and I had to reread several passages for clarity. The instant message communications between YFG and Syndea also seemed out of place even though they did enliven the story with an air of mystery.

Even so, I would still be tempted to read another story by Sahara Kelly. Such an original voice deserves another listen.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Natasha.

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