by Mlyn Hurn

October 2003
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John Ford is looking for a long term relationship. In his forties, he is mature enough to know what he's looking for in the woman he might love. He is looking for a 'slave'. A woman he can master. He has decided he needs to be in control, in order for sex to be good for him. He wants a woman to trust enough to give up totally to him.

Maggie Stuart is hiding underneath non-descript clothes and her stand-offish attitude. She's been chased around desks too many times at work to let any man know what she really looks like. She has come to terms with the curves that nature has given her and has discovered that most men seem to desire them as well.

Maggie is attracted to John, but since they work together, she doesn't want to start a relationship. John has decided that Maggie would be perfect for him. Now he has to wait and find the right time to make his move. At the wedding of a mutual friend, their attraction for each other flares beyond control. John has found the perfect partner for him. Maggie is willing to be his 'slave' because she knows that the power is ultimately hers. She can decide to submit or refuse. But will the relationship turn into something deeper and permnant or will it only be just sex between them?

While the sex is very hot in the story, the characters don't seem to develop beyond the people they are in the beginning. We aren't given any sort of explanation as to why John likes being in control. What motivates Maggie to be willing to give up control and be John's submissive partner? The use of sex toys and costumes help make the sex scenes interesting. Unfortunately, it's the characters that leave the story feeling flat.

If you're looking for hot and steamy sex scenes, Submissive Passion is for you. If you need a deeper connection with the main characters, I'd pass on this one.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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