by Stephanie Laurens

October 1999
ISBN: 0-380-80569-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Those incredible Cynster men just keep stealing our hearts and Harry Cynster (nicknamed "Demon") is no exception. They should have learned by now that they cannot escape their fate even though Demon tries by heading to his horse farm near Newmarket. Demon is an acknowledged equine expert and has great hopes for one of his horses, the Mighty Flynn. [Newmarket was the center of the horse racing universe in Regency England - everyone was welcome on race day, from Royalty to farmer, although for a good portion of the time the fairly small town was populated only by trainers, jockeys and bookmakers!] In this relatively exclusive male domain Demon could consider himself safe (do we believe that?) and able to relax his guard against the Cynster curse. The curse had already reduced three of his family to wedlock - and he was determined not to be the fourth. That is until he spies an elegant and shapely female behind bobbing in men's trousers over the saddle of the Mighty Flynn. To his surprise, he recognizes Felicity Parteger, whom he remembers as a little girl, masquerading as a work rider in his stables. When confronted, Felicity (known to one and all as Flick) has no choice but to explain the situation to Demon, and it is a grave situation indeed. Demon follows his instincts (and Flick) into a dangerous situation revolving around race-fixing, not realizing that Flick herself is just as dangerous. For her part, seeing Demon again has convinced Flick that the crush she had on him all those years ago has turned into something much more passionate! Unwilling to admit he has finally fallen, Demon nevertheless pursues Flick and the truth with equal enthusiasm, and ends up compromising Flick several times. The enterprising young lady manages to extricate herself quite nicely each time, however, to Demon's chagrin. He comes to the realization that desperate measures are called for if he's ever going to lay claim to Flick as his wife. Once again, the Cynster techniques for seduction are employed and the fires burn hot between Demon and his young Flick! Stephanie Laurens writes the most exciting love scenes and theirs are no exception - it is almost possible to hear their sighs and moans and to experience their joy in each other! There are still problems ahead for Demon and Flick - danger is getting too close for comfort, and that hard Cynster head has to accept what the Cynster heart is saying, but we know to trust in Demon - Laurens doesn't let her fans down! There are brief glimpses of the other Cynsters and the continuity is word-perfect. This is definitely a series of stories that should be part of any romance lover's library!

Reviewed in July 2001 by Celia.

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