by Tracie Howard

November 2003
ISBN: 0-45120-977-X
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Though Mallory Baylor has never forgotten her greatest love, Saxton McKensie, she has moved on with her life. She lives in New York City, has great friends, and is an up and coming reporter for Heat, one of the most popular, hip urban magazines in the world.

When a coworker’s accident forces her to interview Saxton, Mallory is brought face to face with the man she has always loved. Unfortunately, Saxton, a Harvard Law School Graduate, has also moved on and is engaged to television diva Deena Ingram. Saxton and Deena are New York’s power couple, and it seems that the world is theirs for the taking.

But real love knows no timeline, and although it has been several years, Mallory and Saxton are drawn to each other like magnets. Deena does not take this lying down; she has too much tied into her relationship with Saxton, including a multi-million dollar contract. Whatever it takes is her motto, and Deena is not alone in her ill will towards Mallory.

When one keeps her enemies close, her eyelids should remain open. Without warning, Mallory is betrayed by someone she trusts. This treachery will either destroy Mallory or give her the freedom to seek the most precious treasure she ever lost.

Tracie Howard has co-authored other novels, including the electrifying Revenge Is Best Served Cold. Now, Why Sleeping Dogs Lie announces to the world that she has awakened and is playing by her own rules. Why Sleeping Dogs Lie is a steamy novel boiling over with sex, power, and conspiracy.

Despite a few missed beats in the pace of the story where the characters behave in manners which are in direct contradictions to their circumstances, the players in this drama are alluring and effortlessly dance their way through this seductive novel.

Some things are highly addictive – fresh strawberries, a fine chocolate, and a nice glass of Chardonnay. You can never have just one of any of those. Tracie Howard’s books can be added to that list because I’m eagerly awaiting her next literary venture.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Natasha.

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