by Lauren Agony, Jan Springer

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-355-X
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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A Hitman for Hannah, has a whole lot of wicked-hot sex and a premise that is unique and different!

Hannah is a Breeder slave, she’s lived with the Romero family all of her life. Now that she’s come of age, it’s her turn to breed for the family she lives with. Which means there’s a whole lot of breeding coming her way. Hannah has a plan though, and it involves skipping out on the Romero’s and becoming free.

Jacob Romero is the eldest son in the Romero family. He’s wanted Hannah for a long time now. As the oldest in a string of brothers, he’s required to become a Hitman. They hunt runaway slaves, so Jacob has done plenty of killing. When Hannah takes off and becomes a runaway breeder, it’s Jacob’s job to kill her. Only trouble is, he lusts for Hannah like no other and to sweeten the pot, she lusts for him too. So what is Hannah’s fate and can Jacob kill her rather than make love to her?

This was one hot tamale, ladies! You could fry an egg on this book if it were a paperback. The sex was raw, the lust intense. Hannah was meek to begin with, but her character grew throughout this read and it pleased me no end. Jacob has a talent in the bedroom and the internal war he wages over Hannah, is rather endearing at times. They worked really well in the bedroom and managed to forge a relationship in their quest to be together.

All in all a fine read, oodles of hot sex and the occasional tender moment. If you enjoy carnal lust and a little slavery on the side, A Hitman for Hannah is for you!

Reviewed in November 2003 by Connie.