by Judith B. Glad

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-410-8
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Buffalo Lachlan has one thing to do before he can head back home to Boise City and see his family. He has to find the missing sister of his closest friend. Even though she was taken twelve years ago, Buffalo knows that he has to at least try to find the lost heiress. In his wanderings, he has found some clues to lead him closer to the truth. So, Buff finds himself in Astoria, Oregon, searching for a ship that has sunk.

Siri Trogan has known nothing but hardship all her life. Now, she barely makes it day by day, trying to find a way to get her children back from her mother-in-law. She has no money and no hope of finding them until Buff shows up at the hotel she works in. Buff is a tall handsome man who treats her like a lady. Siri isn’t sure she can trust him, but without help, she’ll never see her children again.

In a moment of weakness, Buff agrees to help Siri with her search. He fears that his quest is coming to an end. If he can do this one thing for Siri, then he can head back home happy. But there is someone in Astoria who doesn’t want Buff to succeed at either of his missions. And women are dying all over town. It’s a race against time and the killer is getting closer every day.

The Lost Baroness is a heartwarming story of a woman’s determination to be reunited with her children, no matter the cost. Siri’s strength isn’t in her body, but in her heart. She’s the perfect example of mothers everywhere who will do anything for their children. Buffalo’s character is that of any man just trying to get home. He keeps his promise to a friend even though it seems hopeless. The colorful cast of characters makes for an entertaining story. There are glimpses into the lives of the Chinese and some of the other immigrants that helped settle America. The story flows well and is fast paced. There are few moments of rest in here.

This tale will make the time fly by as you become wrapped up in the touching tale of Siri and Buffalo.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jenni.

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