by Karen Woods

February 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-417-5
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Sarah Elham has been in mourning for the last several years, due to the deaths of her father, brothers and other various close relatives. Burdened with the running of her father’s horse farm and the upbringing of her young brother, Sarah does not have the time or the desire to become attached to a man and become his wife. But it seems that the rest of her family has other ideas.

As the Duke of Chisholm, George is used to getting what he wants and he wants Sarah. Being that he is her cousin; albeit distant, and having known her all of her life, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince her to marry him. What he doesn’t expect was the interfering help from their relatives and also those men who he must compete with to win her hand.

The basic premise of Suitors and Scoundrels starts out fine, but as the pages wore on, so did the introduction of too many other characters to keep straight in my mind. Not only that, but the passion that George feels for Sarah just doesn’t come off as all that passionate. Plus, the fact that Sarah can’t quite make up her mind as to how she truly feels, I just couldn’t get ‘lost’ in this story.

This was a very difficult book to read, let alone finish. The ‘flow’ of the book was very slow and the sensuality was very disappointing. With some major editing and revamping of the storyline, this could be a good book, but as it stands it is truly a disappointment.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Debbie.

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