by Diana Grayson

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-416-X
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Katlin McKinnon is a Alibene Police Officer. She works hard to bring rapists and abusers to justice. Unfortunately, a man that she knows brutally raped a girl is found not guility by a jury. Katlin knows that the man's father has bought the jury, but there's nothing she can do. The harm that not only the rapist and the trail has caused the victim is immeasurable. Katlin begins to doubt why she became a police officer in the first place.

Needing time to find peace with herself, she takes a vacation from her job and heads out to the Flint Hills. Camping has always been a way for Katlin to center herself and calm her world down. With her trusty companion, Black Bart, she sets out to seperate the anger and heartbreak from her soul. While mediating, Katlin finds herself face-to-face with her old martial arts instructor. Sing tells her she has a mission to do. That how she completes her mission and what other things she does will have consequences between her knowledge.** not quite understanding the "consequences between her knowledge."**

Katlin emerges from her mediation to find herself in Kansas during the year 1871. She's not sure how she got there, but she knows that she's there for a reason. Her German Shepherd, Black Bart, has come back with her, so she isn't alone. Within minutes of arriving, Katlin saves the life of Mitch Cameron, a Texas Ranger. That fateful act starts the events rolling towards a startling conclusion.

Will Katlin change events in 1871 Abilene? How will those changes affect her life in the twentieth century? These questions are answered quite nicely in the story. Katlin's controlled lifestyle gets a little crazy as she tries to cope with being in the wild west. She is a no-nonsense, take charge type of woman who handles herself against the men. Her character searches for acceptance and finds it in the best place, herself. Mitch Cameron is a great character, sensitive and understanding of his own limitations and those of others. With some appearances from real-life gunslinger, Ben Thompson and Wild Bill Hickok, the feeling of realness is added to the story.

The Bond Unbroken has great action with a love story that's timeless. If you believe that love can survive through several lifetimes, this book is for you.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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