by Dee Davis

December 2003
ISBN: 0-50552-570-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Marjory Macpherson will do anything to protect Cranning Mhor; the land that she loves, and itís people from harm. Thatís why she agreed to marry Ewen Cameron the son of her sworn enemy, Torcall Cameron. It was at Torcallís hand that Marjoryís parents met their untimely death and her marriage to Ewen was a way to put things right between the two clans.

Marjory and Ewen have never taken to each other since their marriage and only tolerate each other. Still Marjory canít help but be surprised when word comes that her husband has been killed in an unexpected landslide.

As Marjory prepares to explain to Torcall how his son met his untimely death in the tragic accident, she goes to the sight herself to see that he is really dead.

Cameron awakes with a pounding headache, dried blood on his face and two huge knots on his head. Glancing at his attire he realizes that he is wearing a kilt and despite the fact that he canít remember much, he is pretty certain that he isnít Scottish.

Upon arriving at the spot where her husband was said to have died, Marjory finds her husband very much alive. Although he has no memory of her or the fact that she is his wife.

Ewen looks very much like Marjoryís husband but insists his name is Cameron and that he has no memory of this place or time. Could it be that Marjoryís husband is really someone other that he appears to be? He is certainly treating her better and even manages to save her from harm a couple of times, an act she fears her husband would not have done. As the days pass, the two feel drawn together by some unknown force that seems to be working upon them. Could it be that these two people are destined to be together?

Once again Dee Davis has created a beautifully breathtaking time travel tale. Ms Davis uses her outstanding word weaving ability to create an epic tale that readers wonít soon forget.

Marjory and Cameron are characters that will move the reader to both laughter and tears. Ms Davis creates a sparkling dialog between the two and builds the story to its very climactic conclusion. With surprising twist and turns throughout, Wild Highland Rose is a novel that will find itís way into readerís hearts and onto their keeper shelves.

Wild Highland Rose will only solidify the belief that Dee Davis is one of the premier voices in time travel romance today. With her first novel Everything In Itís Time she set the bar high for quality and superb story telling and with each new release she pushes it up a notch. Ms Davis is an author that does not disappoint and keeps the reader hungry for more of her wonderful work.


Reviewed in November 2003 by Barbara.

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