by Kaitlyn O`Connor

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-332-5
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Victoria is on a mission to a planet much like earth. She is to be the head of operations on the planet. The mission is to mine ore, the only problem is that the ore is in the ocean and it is tedious work with all the gear they have to wear to be able to mine it. Victoria is so ready to be done with the company she works for, she just wants to be able to paint, so she is hoping that another assignment or two on this planet will be enough for her to retire and live peacefully.

Victoria can be a softy when it is necessary and tough as nails when she has to be. This softness comes out for the people who have been genetically altered to be able to work under the water without any of the equipment. They can just dive in and go around without a problem as they have an artificial gill to help with this.

Raphael, the leader of the deep sea crew, is attracted to Victoria. Raphael and all the other deep sea crew are telepathic. Raphael doesn’t have a problem reading Victoria’s mind and does it often and Victoria doesn’t like it at all. Of course it does come in handy every now and then.

The planet they are sent to is having problems. Major problems as the crew they are sent to replace is gone. They have just disappeared without a trace and it is up to Victoria, with the help of Raphael, to find out what happened to them.

Along with the problem of the missing crew, Victoria is trying to put a troublesome crew member out of her mind. Roach is uncaring and doesn’t care who he hurts and doesn’t think before he says anything. He is also among the first few to disappear. Needless to say; he is not the first one, but the only one that has escaped, and able to help them with the discovery of how the crew has been disappearing.

Below is a delightful story of how against the odds, two people can fall in love. Victoria and Raphael love each other, the love that started when they first saw one another. The story will have you turning the pages or scroll down to see what will happen next. Below is filled with mystery, suspense and intrigue. The characters are just like everyday people, people who we like and get to know and others who we dislike. Below is one book that you will want to finish in one sitting to find out the mystery and how the love between Victoria and Raphael will end.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Pam.

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