by Nora Roberts

November 2003
ISBN: 0-515-13628-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

As she has done with other trilogies, Nora Roberts blends together a fantastic tale of magic and power and brings the tale to a contemporary setting. Three women, strangers to each other, drawn together by destiny to break an ancient curse, make up the framework of the Key Trilogy. The first book, Key of Light, is Malory’s story.

Malory Price was having a rotten day when she accepted the invitation to cocktails at Warrior’s Peak. Coaxing her cranky automobile up the treacherous road during a storm, she desperately hoped she would arrive in one piece. Her job in jeopardy, her budget overdrawn, she was looking for a brief escape from the troubles that she would have to face in the morning. What she found was a mystery, a quest, and a friendship with two other women - a friendship that would be forged by danger and strengthened by love.

As the tale of the Daughters of Glass unfolds, each woman is asked to find a magical key that will help free the trapped souls of the demi-goddesses. Malory is chosen to be the first. She is also given aid by an unlikely ally, newspaper editor Michael Flynn Hennessey. Flynn is attracted to the stunning blonde Malory from the first moment they meet. The details of their adventure set his creative wheels in motion, and before long, he is helping Malory with not only her research but her social life.

Since this is the first story, there is a great deal of background and layering required to set the stage. None of this detracts from the strong elements of romance and suspense. Malory and Flynn each have baggage to sort through and issues to resolve. It is this personal growth that becomes a “key” element in the story. All three women are unique and have their own strengths. The three men who enter the book and will become the other heroes are also individually powerful but with blind spots. It will be interesting to see how they become couples. The intriguing lodestone at the center of the story is the otherworldly duo of Rowena and Pitte, who are absolutely fascinating. I hope that we have a chance to learn more about them as the books progress. The snippets of information that are gleaned throughout the book only whet the reader’s appetite for more.

Key of Light is a fine beginning book for what may prove to be one of Ms. Roberts’ most creative trilogies since the Ardmore tales of Gaelic fairy lore. I recommend it not only to Roberts fans, but to readers who have never had a chance to read the work of this master storyteller. Be warned - once you start reading Nora Roberts, it is difficult to stop!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Paula.

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