by Laura Caldwell

November 2003
ISBN: 0-373-25038-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Dress Ink
Trade Paperback

Something isnít quite right one morning for Kelly McGraw. The cleaners donít have her laundry; her townhouse no longer has her name on the mailbox, and her boyfriend Ben acts as if they are over. Confused and disoriented she calls her best friend Laney. Soon the two women figure out that Kelly canít remember the last five months of her life.

Surprised and nervous, Kelly decides sheíd rather not remember since it appears so many things changed. Instead she decides to start over again and pursue things that make her happy. However, intruding into her happiness is the thoughts and memories of what caused her downhill spiral and memory loss.

A Clean Slate is a great read! Kelly is sweet and loveable. She is full of spirit and fun. The reader really feels as if they get to know her character and find themselves cheering her on many times. Thereís a wonderful supporting cast of characters in the novel, as well. There is also a cute romance going on with the side cast.

There is a little mystery involved as well, as readers find themselves drawing their own conclusions about her mysterious amnesia. The twist in the end may just leave the reader a little surprised. A very enjoyable book in this genre, however, the ending is as much a mystery as the amnesia. Is it really a happy ending? That seems like it is left up to the individual reader to decide. However, you canít help but hope in your heart that everything works out for her. This book is sure to bring a few smiles. Fans of this genre will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Katy.

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