by Cheyenne McCray, Stephanie Burke, Mlyn Hurn

September 2003
ISBN: 1-84360-648-8
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Three friends, Miznari Anderson, Natalie Capella, and Kerry Perry meet on Halloween. They will be attending a virtual reality exhibit at a convention.

Cheyenne McCray`s starts off the stories with Seraphine Chronicles 5: Possessed. When Natalie Capella walks into the virtual reality exhibit showcase, she finds herself in a cave. As she slowly walks in, she starts panicking and tries to get out...but is unable to find the entrance. Natalie keeps walking, and despite the fact that she tells herself over and over again that nothing of what she sees is real...soon enough she finds otherwise.

Evvan, Devline Elvin Enforcer, has been tracking a Fae killer for three days, when he detects a particular scent that stirs his senses, however, the enticing scent is followed by the stench of a lycidian dragon. Evvan finds the woman with the alluring scent just in time, soon realizing that there is much more to her than meets the eye.

Cheyenne McCray`s Possessed brings us her latest installment of her popular series, The Seraphine Chronicles. In this story, Ms. McCray introduces the reader to yet another magical race, the Devline Elves. As in her previous books, this novella is action packed, fast paced, and filled with highly erotic love scenes. The story has recurrent characters but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Stephanie Burke`s story, Miznari, is next in line. Miznari just found out that her now ex-boyfriend had gay tendencies or so it seemed. After finishing a rather noisy tirade, she realizes that she has been living for the moment, looking for excitement, seeking the next adrenaline rush and she somewhat envies her two friends rather “boring” lifestyles.

When Kell escapes from Stinza`s clutches and fiendish plot, he literally lands on Miznari. He had to use the best-kept secret of his people to be able to escape Stinza`s ship. When he crash lands on Miznari, she believes that she has killed Tinkerbelle`s brother...of course, she finds out that that little blue thing is not really a fairy...but rather something else...and boy what an adventure is in store for her.

In Miznari Stephanie Burke treats the reader to a hilarious futuristic tale. This story is quick paced, filled with extremely humorous moments and the love scenes are piping hot. Miznari is most definitely a joy ride.

Mlyn Hurn rounds out the book with Colonial Ghost . Kerry Perry is one of the lecturers at the convention but when she goes to check in at her hotel her reservation is nowhere to be found. Since there is a convention, there are no rooms available anywhere. The manager makes arrangements for her to stay in a bed and breakfast that a friend of his will be opening soon.

Broderick Douglas is not too happy about having a guest so soon, but when his best friend asked him, he couldn`t say no, so, he comes over to pick her up. As he suspected, his first guest looks like every schoolteacher that he’d ever suffered through.

When Kerry lodges in the bed and breakfast, the last thing that she expects is to end up unraveling a mystery spanning a couple of centuries.

Colonial Ghost, Mlyn Hurn`s offering closes what is an excellent anthology by adding the paranormal element into the mix. Ms. Hurn`s story is enthralling and her characters engaging. I found Kerry a sympathetic heroine and at times I truly felt for her. Broderick is Kerry`s opposite and despite the fact that he was not particularly attracted to her from the beginning, I enjoyed seeing his eventual surrender.

Overall this is an excellent and well-rounded anthology, bringing in novellas in the fantasy, futuristic and paranormal categories. I found it to be a highly satisfying read.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Mireya.