by Lois Bonde

September 2003
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Traveling on the subway late at night can be a scary experience for anyone. Trying not to catch the interest of anyone-not even the handsome man in the three piece suit standing a few feet from her, Karli Blake just wants to make it home without any problems. She has dinner waiting for her and a nice evening planned. But she has caught that handsome man's eye and he has different plans for her.

Sitting next to her on the subway, he makes his move. He has been following her, learning her every move. He has planned everything he wants to do to her. It doesn't matter if she protests at first, he knows that he will win her over in the end. Before the night is over, she'll be begging him for more. Forcing Karli to take him to her apartment, he proceeds to fulfill all of his fantasies.

Playing on two popular themes, sex with a stranger and sex in a public place, Lois Bonde has written a steamy story about strangers fulfilling their deepest fantasies. The shortness of the story doesn't really lend itself to in-depth development of the characters. The tension between Karli and the stranger moves the story along by not allowing the reader to relax. The stranger might let her go or he might keep her all night. Will he kill her or is he just interested in sex?

There is a surprising twist at the end which makes up for the rather flat feeling of the characters. Late Night Commute is a steamy read for those who dream of meeting a stranger on the subway and taking him home.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Jenni.

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