by Jodi Lynn Copeland

September 2003
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Stephanie Lang is a good girl. She's got a good paying job. She's smart and beautiful. And she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her. He claims she took too long making up her mind about sex with him. Now, Stephanie's happy she took so long because of an incident when she was younger, Stephanie has control issues when it comes to making love. She wants to be in control. Leaving the ex-boyfriend in the dust, she heads to the pleasure cruise they had reserved. She is going to enjoy herself with whatever man she can find who will let her be in control.

Nick Calanetti is the captain of the cruiser Stephanie has reserved. He uses his time out on the water for writing his newspaper column. He's used to taking couples out on to Lake Michigan and letting them enjoy all the toys that the boat came equipped with. He doesn't see them until it's time to head back to shore. When he sees Stephanie make her way to his boat, he knows he's in trouble. Nick is a good guy. He doesn't treat women like cheap toys and he hardly ever has sex for sex's sake. Good guys don't mix business with pleasure. Pleasure is all he's thinking about from the moment he sees Stephanie.

Nick is just the guy to help Stephanie break her chains and lose control. Will he end up being more than just a weekend fling? Could Nick be looking for more than just sex?

For being a relatively short story, Uncharted Waters does a great job in giving the reader characters with depth. Stephanie and Nick aren't just out for a quick roll in the hay. They have emotions and reasons behind what they do. There is maturity in Stephanie's ability to understand why she needs to be in control and her willingness to work through those needs to free herself from the past. Nick has career choices to make which gives his character more dimension than most.

A good story about two people trying to decide how to make their lives better. With some hot sex scenes and interesting characters, the reader is in for a treat when reading this story.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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