by Katherine O`Neil

June 2003
ISBN: 0-553-58124-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Trade Paperback

A soldier who is pulled away from his love, by the call to action in the looming shadow of World War II. I think we all have in our memories the face of a young boy on a train, watching his newlywed wife slowly disappear in the distance as his train pulls away from the station. Those heart rending moments feel so familiar, so touching, that it is hard to entertain a reader with something fresh and new in the World War era that doesnít feel so familiar that the reader loses interest.

Katherine OíNeil has achieved a fresh and touching feel in her new novel Silent Surrender. It is the story of a young woman named Liana, seeking a life as an actress in Paris. The backdrop of the war looms ever closer as she attempts to gain the experiance she feels is necessary to succeed. She hadnít planned on love though, and a whirlwind romance with a fighter pilot called Ace leaves her head spinning. That is, until she finds herself abandoned at their private rendevous, Ace disappearing in the mobilization of his unit.

Liana is not to be defeated, and she marches forward alone, pursuing her dreams to become an actress. She swears she will never feel the pain that she felt from that broken love affair. After his service Ace returns from the mist of her dreams as a man named Spencer Sloane, a now famous director of the silent screen. He wants Liana to work for him, to be his star. She wants Spencer, but it has to be on her terms. The tension that progresses is delicious, keeping the reader flipping pages.

I really enjoyed the suspense that Ms. OíNeil weaves into this romance, utilizing a highly cultivated sense of tension, want, and need. While the story has the familiar feel, itís fresh and exciting in its execution. Silent Surrender demands a spot on the romance loverís shelf.

Reviewed in September 2003 by David.

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