by Katherine Kingsley

August 2001
ISBN: 0-440-23602-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Katherine Kingsley writes on a more spiritual plane and God and angels have a very active role in her stories.

Portia (Pip) Merriem and John Henry Lovell have known each other since they were children. They grew up together on John Henry's fathers' farm, until Portia's mother married an Earl and moved away. Many years later they meet again in a different country, Egypt, and under extreme circumstances. When Pip's traveling companion dies in childbirth, she vows to raise the child as her own. When John Henry realizes her position and the effects that it could do to her reputation, he decides to marry her and raise the child as his.

John Henry has loved Pip all of his life, Pip on the other hand, doesn't love him, but he has faith that she will learn to and they will be a happy family. When they return to England, they must make sure that no one knows the truth behind Peter's true birth and make everyone believe the he is their true son. As time goes on, Pip comes to suspect that she has loved John Henry forever also - what else could explain why she's never married when given the chance so many times? As their marriage hits one rock after another, how can she convince John Henry that her love is true and she will love him always and forever?

The simplicity and spirituality of Katherine's writing make for a slower paced book. God is referenced on almost every page, and although the lovemaking scenes are beautiful, they are softer than what is regularly found in other mainstream romance books. If you like your romances to be written in this light, then you will like this book. If not, Katherine Kingsley isn't for you.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Debbie.

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