by Linda Kay

November 2001
ISBN: 0-8217-6990-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

When I first heard about Linda Kay’s To Charm A Knight, I have to admit the concept of time travel and a romance novel didn’t quite seem like it would work. I have always liked reading stories of knights. The King Arthur legends totally fascinate me. However, to work a time travel into a knight story seemed a bit too much. I am pleased to say that Linda Kay has done a very good job of making it work. She has used just the right blend of “myth” and “magic” to create a charming tale of a twenty-first century, independent woman who is captivated by her “knight in shining armor.”

Victoria is nobody’s fool; she is smart, savvy, and a very modern woman. She has very little use for men and even less faith in them until the day her very rich, somewhat eccentric boss, Walter, tricks her into a trip through time. Arriving at a medieval castle 800 years before her time where a woman’s only survival seems to depend on a man; Victoria is challenged with a task that she can’t do alone. Lord Ranulf takes Walter prisoner and requires Victoria to find a certain magic amulet before he will release Walter. Lord Gareth disguised as Sir Perceval makes a vow to protect Victoria (even though she doesn’t think she needs a protector.) Victoria realizes that Perceval is the same knight she has dreamed about for years, but she is determined to prove to him that a woman can survive without a man’s help and protection.

Walter, a man of great means, has decided that he will never marry or at least that he will never marry a woman who has a smaller bank account than him. He has determined that women are only after his money and the only way to make sure that a woman is with him because she likes him and not his net worth is to marry someone who has her own wealth. It seems that he will never find anyone who can meet his requirements until he is imprisoned by Lord Ranulf and meets Elwyna (who is also Lord Gareth’s sister.) For Elwyna and Walter, it is love at first sight.

Linda Kay has done a fine job of melding the present with the past and making two enchanting romances between people who are separated by both time and beliefs. With two romances going on instead of one, the reader gets plenty of excitement and adventure. Despite my initial concern about how knights and time travel would fit together in one story, I found that once I started reading this tale I couldn’t put it down. To Charm A Knight is a “charming” book to curl up with and a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Angela.

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