by Jill Shalvis

October 2003
ISBN: 0-373-83578-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Rachel Wellers has a highly organized life that comes to a screeching halt when she is severely injured in a hit-and-run accident. She is the successful cartoonist of "Gracie" and has a beautiful, though slightly rebellious daughter, Emily. Without Rachel's knowing, Emily contacts her father, Ben Asher, to come help during Rachel's recuperation. Ben is the man Rachel sent away thirteen years ago.

Ben is highly upset about Rachel's accident. He fears that his career as a photojournalist and enemies he has made was the cause and fears she and Emily could still be in danger. He gets the next plane out and comes back to a city that he had never planned to see again.

Ben and Rachel are both afraid of feelings that surface once they are reunited. Emily is playing her own version of "The Parent Trap" On top of it all, there is Rachel's sister with her own issues and agenda.

The two main characters are stubborn and loaded with emotional baggage from the past. Ben is the perfect combination of macho man with a sensitive nature from his years as a foster child. Rachel did not want Ben to put his dreams on hold in the past and needed more security. Can she let him go a second time? All the characters are well drawn and make you feel a wide range of strong emotions. There is some clever tongue-in-cheek humor even worked into the plot about reading romances.

The Street Where She Lives is the perfect book for a fall afternoon of reading enjoyment. Ms. Shalvis has a Harlequin Flipside book, Natural Blond Instincts coming out in December 2003 and I will certainly be adding that to my winter reading schedule.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Roberta.

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