by Joanne Rock

November 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69151-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #951
Mass Market Paperback

One naughty night is not all you get in Joanne Rockís latest Temptation release. One Naughty Night, which is written with heart, is for all those who canít resist a hot, macho Italian guy falling for the shy girl. But of course with Joanne Rock the shy girl doesnít stay shy for very long.

Esmerelda Giles just lost her job at the local museum, her car and her self-esteem. And her torture is not over yet. Venturing into foreign territory with Club Paradise and its hedonistic set, she is ready to meet her blind date.

However, itís not her blind date approaching her, but another stranger,Renzo Cesare. Heís gorgeous, heís sexy and heís hot! Heís also of the protective kind. So to protect this damsel in distress he pretends to be her date and sits down for a drink with her. He expects nothing, although glimpses of her revealing dress and her intriguing personality do have him wishing for more.

Esmerelda,however, wants this hot guy in her bedÖnaked. No more shy girl - the new Esmerelda is taking over. You go girl! What a shame then that Renzo reveals himself to be the wrong man. And that before they get to mess up the sheets!

Did I say heís hot yet? And heís resourceful, finding a way to draw her back into his life. This time with a business proposition that is too perfect to refuse, and a Plan A and B to entice Esmerelda back into bed. But itís her Plan C, her courage and her growing self-respect that prove to be the driving force of this relationship. Beautiful!

So you see, Joanne Rock has written another fabulous Temptation release. What can I say; Joanne Rock and Temptation are like strawberries and champagne. Delicious, sparkling and very sexy!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Kris Alice.

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